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Setting up Python Environment

Here, you can find the tools you need to download to your PC to start programming in Python language. After your installation is complete, check Easy_Install for downloading packages.


There are multiple software available for Windows. Here we give a list of tools you need to download for programming using Eclipse software.

Download and install following packages in order:

Common Problems

PATH Variable

To use python command in cmd.exe terminal, you may need to add Python directory to your environment path. To do this, add your Python installation folder (like C:\Python27) to your PATH variable under Environment Variables. Follow these instructions:

  1. Hold Windows and press Pause button at the same time.
  2. Click Advanced System Settings.
  3. Click Environment Variables.
  4. Add
    (or whatever your Python directory is) to the PATH variable.
  5. Restart your command prompt/terminal.


You can install EasyEclipse distribution, which is a bundle of Eclipse and PyDev.



  1. Download Python for Mac with respect to 32 bit or 64 bit option from here
  2. Download Eclipse for Mac from here
  3. Download PyDev either from Eclipse or PyDev website. Guide to download from Eclipse is here
There are two versions of Python, be sure that you are downloading the correct version
Read the Getting Started document first
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