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Command Line Basics

This tutorial includes basic information about running a program/script on COR@L. If you are looking for information about running a series of exhaustive programs and/or need precise measuring, then schedule your jobs with CONDOR.

Running a Simple Executable

  1. Log in one of the COR@L hardware using your account information on terminal.
  2. Enter the directory where your executable file is.
    cd home/userid/directory/
  3. Enter the executable file name


  • I'm getting bash: foo: Permission denied error. What should I do?
  • This means that you don't have execute permission for the file. Try to use
    chmod u+x foo
    command. This will give execute permission to your file.

Redirecting Output

If you want to save output of your program into a file, simply use >, such as

foo > output.out

will save all program outputs to output.out file.

If you have already some content in output.out and append (add new output at the end of the existing content) then use >> such as

foo >> output.out

Running a Long Job

If you are going to run a long job and want to log out during the process, then use nohup command.

nohup foo > output.out &

Check Your Current Processes

You can list all processes that belongs to your account by typing

top -u userid

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