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Lehigh VPN

Lehigh VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool to access university resources from off-campus.

How to set up VPN?

Lehigh LTS provides Cisco VPN software with easy installation steps. Software can be downloaded from Lehigh Software web page and you can follow the instructions here.

Lehigh SSH Jumphost

Lehigh University offers ssh access to system via a Jumphost. The jumphost - - requires dual authentication via Duo. The link below provides instructions and links to help you set up SSH access to the jumphost.

We are recommending that a password protected key be used when accessing from off campus to protect the integrity of internal IT resources.

Please review the best practices from the website:

Best Security Practices

  • Always protect your key pair with a passphrase.
  • Use a strong passphrase just as you would for your password.
  • Do not use your password as your passphrase.
  • Do not write your password/passphrase and store at a place that anyone can access for e.g. post-it note on your monitor.
  • Verify only your account has access to ssh keys by running chmod 700 ~/.ssh.
  • Never share your private key and/or your passphrase/password.
  • Always store your credentials in ssh-agent with a definite lifetime.
  • Change your passphrase as regularly as you change your password.
  • Do not use reuse your password and passphrase.
  • Limit the number of systems that you log in from.

For more information please review this link.

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