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IE418: Setting up Symphony and Using Condor

In this page, steps to set up Symphony and use Condor is listed. Contribute this page by adding missing details and extra information.

Setting up Symphony

First, we will download Symphony from the COIN-OR website and complete its installation.

Prepare folder

  1. Login to by using a terminal application (use Putty for Windows)
  2. Create a new folder by calling
    mkdir ie418
  3. Enter the directory
    cd ie418
  4. Create a new folder
    mkdir symphony

Download and Set up Symphony

  1. In the symphony directory call
    svn checkout
  2. This command will download (checkout) svn directory of SYMPHONY to your local folder. After it finishes create a new folder
    mkdir build
  3. Call
    cd build
    which will configure SYMPHONY
  4. Call
  5. Call
    make install
    to complete installation

Using CONDOR to solve problems

In this section it is assumed that you have an mps file ready. You can use one of the problems in the miplib library.

  1. To use condor, you need to create a .sub file.
  2. Check this website to see a .sub file example. Edit this file for your needs.
  3. Call
    condor_submit myexp.sub
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