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Off-campus access to Cor@l network


SSH access to COR@L network is blocked for security reasons. In case you need to access it, there are two ways to access it:

  1. Connect to VPN and ssh to computer you want (,, etc..)
  2. Connect to ssh server of Lehigh ( with your Lehigh username and Lehigh password.
    Then type:
    ssh and enter your COR@L password.


For SCP (Remote file copy) access to your files, you may use a tunnel over


  • Enter for the host name and your username
  • Click Advanced and Connection/Tunnel
  • Enable “Connect through SSH Tunnel” and enter as the host name and enter your username
  • Save and try to connect. You will be asked two passwords, the first one is your Lehigh password and second one is your COR@L password.
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