The following tutorials/how-to’s are available at Coral. These are generic tutorials on using software packages, or they are overviews of different topic areas. For specific information about using/accessing resources at Coral Lab. go to Coral Intro Page on our wiki.

This tutorial includes Osi, CGL and CLP.
At INFORMS 2005 Annual Meeting, Jeff Linderoth and Sven Leyffer gave a tutorial on “Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming”. This is a handout from that presentation.
MINLP-Handout MINLP-Presentation
At SIAM Optimization Conference, 2005, Jeff Linderoth was brave enough to agree to give a short course in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming, along with his colleague Sven Leyffer. These are the handouts (and presentation) from the course
Cyber-OR Handout
At IFORS 2005, Jeff Linderoth gave a tutorial on “Using Cyberinfrastructure for Computational Operations Research”. This is a handout from that presentation.
In 2006 and 2007, a series of short courses was offered at Air Products in support of technology for process planning. Materials from the short courses can be found here.