Current Students

Ph.D. Students:

  • Adrian Harkness
  • Zeguan Wu
  • Pouya Sampourmahani
  • Mohammadhossein Mohammadisiahroudi
  • Rodolfo Alexander Quintero Ospina

M.Sc. Students:

Former Students

Post Doctoral fellows:

  • Kawa Yip
  • Zhouhong Wang

Co Supervised:

  • Brandon Augustino
  • József Shidla
  • Péter Tar

Former Students

Ph.D. Students:

M.Sc. Students:

  • Anshul Sharma
  • Chaitanya Gudapati
  • Xin Huang
  • Ellen Fan
  • Yang Li
  • Hamid Ghaffary
  • Kimia Ghobadi
  • Voicu Chis
  • Chis Diskson
  • Peng Du
  • Xiuzhan Guo
  • Sui Huang
  • Jessiee Liu
  • Yonghua Lou
  • Guoxuan Ma
  • Qirong Miao
  • Olesya Peshko
  • Tingtin Ren
  • Gema Plaza
  • Oleksandr Romanko
  • Stephen Stoyan
  • Bixiang Wang
  • Weizhong Yu
  • Zhuo Zheng
  • Lois Zhu
  • Peter Nieuwesteeg
  • Henk de Man
  • Lucie Aarts
  • Sascha Lanser
  • … and many more

Post Doctoral Fellows:

Awards of Previous Students

Undergradaute students:
Ayako Watanbe was awarded the Best Student Paper Prize by the Canadian Operations Research Society in the undergraduate category in 2003.
M.Sc. students:
Supervised (co-supervised) more than 20 master students in OR. By the T.U. Delft Foundation, four of them, A. Wisse (1994), S. Lanser (1995), L.P. Aarts (1999) and A. de Jong (2000) were awarded the best M.Sc. thesis of the year in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. Three of them (Joost Warners in 1996, Arjan Berkelaar in 1997 and Lucie Aarts in 2000) received the annual VVS-price (price of the Dutch Statistics and O.R. Society) for the best master thesis in the field of Statistics and Operations Research in the Netherlands.
Ph.D. students:
Co-supervised eight Ph.D. students.
T. Illés received the Farkas Prize of the Bolyai Mathematical Society, 1991 Budapest. D. Den Hertog, B. Jansen and J. Peng received their degree cum laude. D. Den Hertog (in Ann Arbor, MI, 1994) and J. Peng (in Copenhagen, DK, 2003) were a finalists for the “Tucker Prize” at the International Symposium on Mathematical Programming. D. Den Hertog’s (1993), B. Jansen’s (1997) and E. de Klerk’s (2002) thesis were published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. Jiming Peng was finalist for the “Best Young Scientist Paper” at the International Conference on Nonlinear Programming and Variational Inequalities, Hong Kong 1998 and he was awarded the Stieltjes Ph.D. Thesis Prize in the Netherlands. A monograph based on his thesis is published by Princeton University Press in 2002.

Co-supervise with Dr. Christopher Anand

M.Sc. Students:
Stephen Stoyan, Olesya Peshko, Zhuo Zheng, Tingting Ren

Co-supervise with Dr. Jiming Peng

Ph.D. Students:
Guoxuan Ma, Tianshi Jiao Du
M.Sc. Students:
Peng Du

Co-supervise from Iran

Ph.D. Students:
Alireza Ghaffari Hadigheh, Mohammad Reza Peyghami,
Keyvan Amini, Mohammad Koulaei

External member of Ph.D. committees:

A. Kennings, University of Waterloo, ON.
J. Sturm, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
J.P. Warners, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
L. Behjat, University of Waterloo, ON.
F. Graza, McGill University, Montreal, QC.
External Examiner in tenure procedures at several universties.

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