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VRP Solver implements a randomized version of the Clarke-Wright savings algorithm for vehicle routing problems. It takes input from a text file listing each customer’s location (latitude and longitude) and demand. Distances may be entered explicitly or computed automatically using Euclidean or great-circle metrics. It builds vehicle routes that visit every city exactly once and that obey user-specified vehicle volume and distance limits. Results are displayed in graphical (map) form and in text form.

For more information, see the Read Me file, which is distributed with the software.

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VRP solver is for Windows-based systems.

Current Version

Version 1.3


You may download VRP Solver free of charge and use it for educational, research, or not-for-profit purposes.  I would appreciate your filling out and submitting the following form before downloading; however, if you wish to download the software anonymously, simply skip the form and click the download link below.

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    Click here to download a zip file that contains three files:

    • VRPSolver.exe: contains the application
    • ReadMe.txt: describes the software and how to use it
    • data20.txt: sample data file

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