This page contains links to software I have written.  This software is for educational and research purposes.  All software runs under Windows.  If you’d like information about any of the software below, please send me e-mail.

All downloads are provided as-is, with no guarantees as to performance or compatibility. I will try to answer simple questions about the software but I do not provide technical support beyond the Read Me files included with (some of) the programs.

Sorry, but I do not distribute my source code.

Click links below for more information, screen shots, and downloads.

  • BaseStockSim: Allows users to simulate multi-stage inventory systems.  Stages may be reliable or subject to disruptions.  Despite its name, BaseStockSim can accommodate several types of inventory policies, including base-stock, (R, Q), and (s, S) policies, as well as a modified (R, Q) policy in which the value of Q is chosen dynamically based on the values of the state variables.  For base-stock policies, base-stock levels are set by the user explicitly but may also be interpreted using the “committed service time” notion of so-called guaranteed-service models (see, e.g., Simpson 1958, Kimball 1988, Graves and Willems 2000, 2003).  After running the simulation, you can view an “instant replay” to examine the inventory and backorder levels at each stage and watch the system evolve over time.  BaseStockSim also has a feature for performing batch runs in order to test many values of the parameters in sequence.
  • VRP Solver: This program implements a randomized version of the Clarke-Wright savings algorithm and various improvement heuristics for the classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP).
  • CLT Demo: This program demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem (CLT).
  • IRIS (Integrated Route Information System): This program plans daily vehicle routes for trucks delivering goods across the U.S. and Canada, within customer-specified time windows. Users input the customer orders for the day and IRIS plans efficient routes for trucks leaving a central depot.  Solutions are evaluated based on multiple criteria, and the user may assign weights to the criteria to emphasize some more than others.  Furthermore, the program generates multiple solutions as well as alternate solutions that answer what-if? scenarios like adding additional vehicles, dropping customers from the order list, and so on.

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