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Published and Forthcoming Journal Articles

  1. Khodabandeh, E., L. V. Snyder, J. Dennis, J. Hammond, and C. Wanless. C. H. Robinson uses heuristics to solve rich vehicle routing problems. Forthcoming in INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, 2021. 
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  4. Oroojlooyjadid, A., M. Nazari, L. V. Snyder, and Martin Takáč. A deep Q-network for the beer game: Reinforcement learning for inventory optimization. Forthcoming in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 2020. [arXiv] [DOI]
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Refereed Conference Proceedings (selected)

  1. Mohammadreza Nazari, Afshin Oroojlooy, Martin Takáč, and L. V. Snyder. Reinforcement learning for solving the vehicle routing problem. Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2018. [arXiv] [NIPS]
  2. Afshin Oroojlooyjadid, MohammadReza Nazari, L. V. Snyder, and Martin Takáč. A deep Q-network for the beer game: A reinforcement learning algorithm to solve inventory optimization problems. Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Deep Reinforcement Learning Symposium, 2017.
  3. Yao, J., P. Venkitasubramaniam, S. Kishore, L. V. Snyder, and R. Blum. Network topology risk assessment of stealthy cyber attack on advanced metering infrastructure network. 51st Annual Conference on Information Systems and Sciences (CISS 2017), 2017.
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Invited Book Chapters

  1. Snyder, L. V. Supply chain inventory management. In “Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook,” McGraw-Hill, forthcoming.
  2. Pirhooshyaran, M. and L. V. Snyder. Optimization of inventory and distribution for hip and knee joint replacements via multistage stochastic programming. In “Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications MOPTA 2017: Selected Contributions,” J. Pinter and T. Terlaky (eds.) 2019. [DOI]
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Working Papers and Theses

  1. Z. Atan and L. V. Snyder. Disruptions in one-warehouse multiple-retailer systems. Working paper. [SSRN]
  2. Tomlin, B.T. and L. V. Snyder. On the value of a threat advisory system for managing supply chain disruptions. Technical report, 2007. [PDF]
  3. L. V. Snyder and Z.-J. M. Shen. Supply and demand uncertainty in multi-echelon supply chains. Technical report, 2006. [PDF]
  4. Snyder, L. V. Supply chain robustness and reliability: Models and algorithms. Ph.D. dissertation, Northwestern University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, 2003. [PDF]
  5. Snyder, L. V. Combinatorial rigidity and the path decomposition of isostatic graphs, B.A. honors thesis, Amherst College, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1996. (Thesis advisors: Ruth Haas and Norton Starr.)

Technical Reports

  1. Snyder, L. V. q-Factor optimization for 2-WEC arrays. Lehigh University Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering Tech Report #14T-001, 2014. [PDF]

Other Publications

  1. Edwards., S. M. and L. Snyder. Yes, balancing work and parenting is impossible. Here’s the data. Washington Post, page B1, July 10, 2020. [link]
  2. Snyder, L. V. Multi-period optimal power flow problems. Optima 93, 8-9, December 2013. [PDF]
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  5. Snyder, L. V., Z.-J. M. Shen, and J. L. Sutherland. Řízení dodavatelských řetězců ve světě ohroženém výpadky / Supply chain management considerations under the threat of disruptions. Reliant Logistic News (Czech Republic), 16-18, 2008.
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  7. Simchi-Levi, D., L. Snyder, and M. Watson. Strategies for uncertain times, Supply Chain Management Review 6(1), 11–12, 2002.

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