My Erdős-Bacon Number

An author’s Erdős number is the minimum number of degrees of separation between the author and Paul Erdős, as measured by collaborative publications.  My Erdős number is 4:

  1. Snyder, L. V. and M. S. Daskin. Reliability models for facility location: The expected failure cost case. Transportation Science 39(3), 400-416, 2005.
  2. Daskin, M. S., C. R. Coullard, and Z.-J. M. Shen. An inventory-location model: Formulation, solution algorithm and computational results. Annals of Operations Research 110, 83–106, 2002.
  3. Coullard, C. R. and Reid, T. J. Element subsets of 3-connected matroids. Congressus Numerantium 66, 81–92, 1988.
  4. Erdős, P., Reid, T. J., Schelp, R., and Staton, W. Sizes of graphs with induced subgraphs of large maximum degree. Discrete Mathematics. 158(1-3), 283–286, 1996.

An actor’s Bacon number is the minimum number of degrees of separation between the actor and Kevin Bacon, as measured by joint screen appearances.  I am not an actor.  But if you are willing to count high school plays (which I admit is a stretch), then my Bacon number is 3:

  1. I was in various high school plays with Brad Raider.
  2. Brad Raider was in “Locker 13” with Steve Eastin.
  3. Steve Eastin was in “Rails & Ties” with Kevin Bacon.

One’s Erdős-Bacon number is the sum of one’s Erdős number and one’s Bacon number.  Therefore, my Erdős-Bacon number is 7.


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