Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications
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Book of abstracts can be downloaded here.


MOPTA 2021 will be held in an innovative dual VIRT/IPVS mode.

VIRT : All technical sessions will be held on Zoom (Zoom passwords will be sent to all registered participants)
IPVS : All technical sessions, registration, breakfast, and lunch will be held in Mohler Labs 200 W. Packer Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015

IPVS speakers who need a room to go and deliver their talks using their laptops can use 4th-floor Mohler rooms 401, 421c, 444a, 474, 476, and 484. Nobody will be in these rooms except the speaker, thus no need to use a mask while delivering the talk. The wifi network is lehigh-guest (no need for password).

Room Name/Zoom Link Room Number
MONROMohler 451
LEHIGHMohler 375
IACOCCA Mohler 453

Monday 2nd of August 2021

8:00 8:45 Registration
8:45 9:00 Opening Remarks
9:00 10:00 Plenary talk
Addressing Challenges in Multi-Criteria Optimization Problems for Healthcare Personnel Scheduling Problems
Amy Ellen Mainville Cohn abstract
10:00 10:15 Break
10:15 11:45 Parallel technical sessions
Nonlinear and Stochastic Optimization Algorithms (MONRO) Constrained Optimization (LEHIGH) Nonconvex optimization - Part (i) (IACOCCA) Optimization and Healthcare (WHITEHOUSE)
A Theoretical and Empirical Comparison of Gradient Approximations Methods in Derivative-Free Optimization
Liyuan Cao abstract
New notions of simultaneous diagonalizability of quadratic forms with applications to QCQPs
Alex Wang abstract
Proximity in Concave Integer Quadratic Programming
Alberto Del Pia abstract
Distributionally Robust Optimization Approaches for a Mobile Facility Routing and Scheduling Problem
Karmel Shehadeh abstract
Efficient algorithms for some variants of the extended trust-region subproblems
Maziar Salahi abstract
Second-Order Conic and Polyhedral Approximations of the Exponential Cone: Application to Mixed-Integer Exponential Conic Programs
Qing Ye abstract
Two-halfspace closure
Amitabh Basu abstract
Distributionally Robust Home Service Routing and Appointment Scheduling with Random Travel and Service Times
Man Yiu Tsang abstract
Generalized Cyclic Stochastic Approximation and its Application in Multi-agent Systems
Jiahao Shi abstract
On the rescaling and projection algorithm
Negar Soheili Azad abstract
Convexification of the Lennard-Jones Potential
Anatoliy Kuznetsov abstract
A Voice base Nonsmooth Nonconvex optimization model for Parkinson Disease Severity Estimation.
Habib Ghaffari Hadigheh abstract
11:45 12:00 Break
12:00 13:00 Plenary talk
Inexact high-order proximal-point methods with auxiliary search procedure
Yurii Nesterov abstract
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:30 Parallel technical sessions
Methods for Large-Scale, Nonlinear and Stochastic Optimization (MONRO) Quantum Optimization I (LEHIGH) Nonconvex optimization, Part (ii) (IACOCCA) OR in Healthcare (WHITEHOUSE)
SQP for Nonlinear Equality Constrained Stochastic Optimization
Baoyu Zhou abstract
An Inexact-Feasible Interior Point Method for Linear Optimization with High Adaptability to Quantum Computers
Mohammadhossein Mohammadisiahroudi abstract
Sum-of-squares lower bounds for random combinatorial problems
Dmitriy Kunisky abstract
Solution Methods for Integrated Surgery Scheduling and Inventory Problem
Amogh Bhosekar abstract
Diagonalized Hessian Estimates for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization and Comparison with Natural Gradient Method
Shiqing Sun abstract
Quantum Interior Point Methods for Semidefinite Optimization
Brandon Augustino abstract
Sparse regression: decompositions, convexifications and algorithms
Andres Gomez abstract
Dynamic Tuberculosis Screening for Healthcare Employees
Mahsa Kiani abstract
Complexity of Projected Newton Methods for Bound-constrained Optimization
Yue Xie abstract
Characterization and Mitigation of Errors in Quantum Computing via Consistent Bayesian
Muqing Zheng abstract
Rank Pump: A Feasibility Heuristic For Polynomial Optimization
Chen Chen abstract
Optimal Nurse Allocation for the Surgical System: A Tandem Network with Flexible Servers
Tong Zhang abstract
15:30 15:45 Break
15:45 16:45 Plenary talk
Introduction to Quantum Annealing
Catherine McGeoch abstract
16:45 18:15 Parallel technical sessions
Advances in Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization (MONRO) Quantum Optimization II (LEHIGH) Advances in Nonconvex Optimization (IACOCCA) Optimization with Applications in Healthcare (WHITEHOUSE)
Average Curvature FISTA for Nonconvex Smooth Composite Optimization Problems
Jiaming Liang abstract
Quantum-inspired formulations for the max k-cut problem
Ramin Fakhimi abstract
A Riemannian Block Coordinate Descent Method for Computing the Projection Robust Wasserstein Distance
Minhui Huang abstract
Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Surgery Planning in Flexible Operating Rooms Over a Wasserstein Ambiguity
Karmel Shehadeh abstract
Implicit Regularization of Sub-Gradient Method in Robust Matrix Recovery: Don't be Afraid of Outliers
Jianhao Ma abstract
Improving QAOA with Warm-Start Initializations and Custom Mixers
Reuben Tate abstract
A Smoothing Scheme for Nonconvex-Concave Min-Max Problems
Weiwei Kong abstract
Simulation-Based Optimization of Dynamic Appointment Scheduling Problem with Patient Unpunctuality and Provider Lateness
Secil Sozuer abstract
Inexact Proximal Gradient Methods
Daniel Robinson abstract
Qubo Reformulations of Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Rodolfo Alexander Quintero Ospina abstract
Smooth nonconvex-nonconcave min-max optimization problems with small inner maximization constraint set
Meisam Razaviyayn abstract
Supply Side Flexibility in Revenue Management: An Application in Medical Wire and Device Manufacturing
Cigdem Gurgur abstract
18:30 20:30 Student Social

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

8:30 9:00 Registration
9:00 10:00 Plenary talk
Labor and Supply Chain Networks: Insights from Models Inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anna Nagurney abstract
10:00 10:15 Break
10:15 11:45 Parallel technical sessions
Advances in Nonlinear ADMM and Related Computational Methods (MONRO) Algorithms for Derivative-Free Optimization (LEHIGH) AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition (IACOCCA)
Escaping from Zero Gradient: Revisiting Action-Constrained Reinforcement Learning via Frank-Wolfe Policy Optimization
Ping-Chun Hsieh abstract
Zeroth-Order Riemannian Optimization
Jiaxiang Li abstract

Relaxed alternating minimization algorithm for convex optimization problems in image denoising
Yuchao Tang abstract
New Hybrid Algorithms for Global and Local Derivative-Free Optimization
Ahmad Almomani abstract

Power of Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) in Deep Learning
Junxiang Wang abstract
Manifold Sampling for Optimizing Nonsmooth Nonconvex Compositions
Baoyu Zhou abstract

11:45 12:00 Break
12:00 13:00 Plenary talk
High-Rank Matrix Completion by Integer Programming
Jeffrey T. Linderoth abstract
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:30 Parallel technical sessions
Advances in Stochastic Optimization (MONRO) New Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Derivative-Free Optimization I (LEHIGH) Distributed Optimization (IACOCCA) Robust and Stochastic Optimization under Uncertainty (WHITEHOUSE)
A Stochastic Decoupling Method for Minimizing the Sum of Smooth and Non-Smooth Functions
Konstantin Mishchenko abstract
Full-Low Evaluation Methods for Derivative-Free Optimization
Oumaima Sohab abstract
A flexible framework for noisy and nonconvex distributed optimization
Charikleia Iakovidou abstract
Distributionally Robust Optimization with Markovian Data
Mengmeng Li abstract
An Online Algorithm for Maximum-Likelihood Quantum State Tomography
Yen-Huan Li abstract
Randomized DFO Methods for Fitting Numerical Physics Models
Matt Menickelly abstract
Scalable Compressed Communication in Distributed Inference and Optimization
César A Uribe abstract
Affine and Constant Policies in Adjustable Linear Robust Optimization: A New Perspective
Ningji Wei abstract
Perturbed Fenchel duality and first-order methods
Javier Pena abstract
A derivative-free method for structured optimization problems
Andrea Cristofari abstract
Exploiting Shared Representations for Personalized Federated Learning
Liam Collins abstract
ALSO-X and ALSO-X+: Better Convex Approximations for Chance Constrained Programs
Weijun Xie abstract
15:30 15:45 Break
15:45 16:45 Plenary talk
Strong formulations for Joint Chance-Constrained Programs
Simge Kucukyavuz abstract
16:45 18:15 Parallel technical sessions
First Order Methods (MONRO) New Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Derivative-Free Optimization II (LEHIGH) Robust Learning (IACOCCA) Optimization & Machine Learning (WHITEHOUSE)
Stochastic nonlinear ADMM
Dimitri Papadimitriou abstract
A linesearch-based derivative-free approach for mixed-integer nonsmooth constrained optimization
Tommaso Giovannelli abstract
Practical Convex Formulation of Robust Neural Network Training
Yatong Bai abstract
Optimal Decision in a Statistical Process Control with Cubic Loss
Vladimir Turetsky abstract
A Communication Compression Decentralized Algorithm for Convex Composite Optimization
Yao Li abstract
Hessian-Aided Random Perturbation (HARP) Using Noisy Zeroth-Order Queries
Jingyi Zhu abstract
Robust Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks in Presence of Exogenous Noise
Arash Amini abstract
Big Data Inverse Problems
Matthias Chung abstract
Online Nash Social Welfare Maximization with Predictions
Billy Zhengxu Jin abstract
High Probability Complexity Bounds for Line Search Based on Stochastic Oracles
Miaolan Xie abstract
Robust Classification with Localized Observations Using Stable Recurrent Neural Networks
Guangyi Liu abstract

18:15 18:30 AIMMS-MOPTA Modeling Competition & Plenary Award Session
19:00 Dinner (for in-person participants)

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

8:30 9:00 Registration
9:00 10:00 Plenary talk
Towards a Fair and Efficient Air Transportation System
Hamsa Balakrishnan abstract
10:00 10:15 Break
10:15 11:45 Parallel technical sessions
Large Scale Optimization (MONRO) Optimization and Energy (LEHIGH) Fairness in Machine Learning (IACOCCA) Applications of Optimization (WHITEHOUSE)
Large-scale Inference of Sparsely-varying Markov Random Fields
Salar Fattahi abstract
Building Load Control using Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Programs with Right-Hand Side Uncertainty and the Risk-Adjustable Variants
Yiling Zhang abstract
Automating Procedurally Fair Feature Selection in Machine Learning
Clara Belitz abstract
Variations on TSP Art
Robert Bosch abstract
Global optimization using random embeddings
Estelle Massart abstract
A Semidefinite Optimization-based Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Several Reactive Optimal Power Flow Problems
Miguel Anjos abstract
Balanced Districting on Grid Graphs withProvable Compactness and Contiguity
Cyrus Hettle abstract
Rare-event simulations in a chain of dynamical systems with small random perturbations
Getachew Befekadu abstract
REX: Revisiting Budgeted Training with an Improved Schedule
John Chen abstract
Battery-Wind/Solar Farm Management: A Continuous Dynamic Programming Approach
Ben Wang abstract
A Stochastic Alternating Balance k-Means Algorithm for Fair Clustering
Suyun Liu abstract
Hungry for Equality: Fighting Food Deserts with Optimization
Drew Horton abstract

An alternative framework for the optimization of socially responsible portfolios applied to the Moroccan stock exchange
Yahya Hanine abstract
11:45 12:00 Break
12:00 13:00 Plenary talk
Incorporating second order ideas into first class machine learning methods
Michael Mahoney abstract
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:30 Parallel technical sessions
Higher Order Optimization Methods (MONRO) Energy and Optimization (LEHIGH) Optimization & Applications 1 (IACOCCA)
A Trust Region-type Normal Map Semismooth Newton Method For Nonsmooth Large-scale Optimization
Andre Milzarek abstract
On the Absence of Spurious Local Trajectories in Time-varying Nonconvex Optimization
Cedric Josz abstract
A Secretary Problem with Uncertain Offer Acceptance
Sebastian Perez-Salazar abstract
A New Multipoint Secant Method with a Dense Initial Matrix
Jennifer Erway abstract
Revenue Adequate Prices for Chance-constrained Electricity Markets with Renewable Energy Sources
Luis Zuluaga abstract
The Quadratic Assignment Problem: Explaining Solvable Cases via Linear Reformulations
Lucas Waddell abstract
A Subspace Acceleration Method for Minimization Involving a Group Sparsity-Inducing Regularizer
Yutong Dai abstract
Financially Adequate Environmental Pricing Designs
Alberto Lamadrid abstract
A new mathematical model and a greedy algorithm for the tourist trip design problem under new constraints: a real-world application
Gulcin Dinc Yalcin abstract
15:30 15:45 Closing Remarks