About Me

I am a PhD student (2016 – present) at Dept. Industrial & Systems Engineering, Lehigh University in the United States. My research interests are Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Optimization for Machine Learning.

I am also a full-time Scientist Developer and Data Scientist (2013 – present) at IBM Unites States. I have been the technical lead in mathematical optimization and machine learning.

Before joining IBM, I earned my Master Degree (M.S) in Industrial and Systems Engineering (2010 – 2013) from Lehigh University in the United States.

I grew up in Qingxu (Est. 497 BC) of China — visit my hometown on Google map — and finished my pre-College education (1999-2005) at one of the national top-tier schools: Taiyuan Foreign Language School (TFLS). I attended the colleges (2005 – 2009) in the city of Tianjin where I earned two Bachelor degrees from two national top-tier Universities: B.A. in English Literature from Tianjin University & B.Econ in Finance from Nankai University.