MIP 2006

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Monday, June 5
10:00a-10:30a Opening Remarks  
10:30a-11:15a Separating from the MIR closure of polyhedra Sanjeeb Dash
11:15a-12:00p MIP models for MIP separation Matteo Fischetti
12:00p-2:00p Lunch and Break  
2:00p-2:45p On solving combinatorial optimization problems without known decent ILP formulations Alberto Caprara
2:45p-3:30p Decomposition and Mixed Integer Programs Laci Ladanyi
3:30p-4:00p Coffee/Tea Break  
4:00p-4:45p Treewidth and Integer Programming Arie Koster
4:45p-5:30p Branchwidth via Integer Programming Illya Hicks
6:00p-8:00p Reception and Poster Session
Tuesday, June 6
9:00a-9:45a Mathematical Programming Approaches in Computational Biology Giuseppe Lancia
9:45a-10:30a Intermediate Integer Programming Representations Using Value Disjunctions Matthias Koeppe
10:30a-11:00a Coffee Break  
11:00a-11:45a An hybrid branch-and-cut for solving MINLPs Pierre Bonami
11:45a-12:30p An MINLP solution method for a water-network optimization problem Jon Lee
12:30p-3:00p Lunch and Break  
3:00p-3:45p An Integrated Solver for Optimization Problems Tallys Yunes
3:45p-4:30p Biobjective Mixed Integer Programming Ted Ralphs
7:00p Conference Dinner
Wednesday, June 7
9:00a-9:45a Polyhedral stochastic integer programming Shabbir Ahmed
9:45a-10:30a Recent Progress in the Test Set method for Integer Programming Jesus De Loera
10:30a-11:00a Coffee Break  
11:00a-11:30a Evaluating progress of branch-and-bound trees Brady Hunsaker
11:30a-12:00p Branching Rules Revisited Alex Martin
12:00p-3:00p Lunch and Break  
3:00p-3:45p Computing Forecast Horizons: An Integer Programming Approach Milind Dawande
3:45p-4:30p Robust Portfolio Construction Sebastian Ceria
5:00p-6:30p Business Meeting and Roundtable Discussion
Thursday, June 8
9:00a-9:45a MIP Lifting Techniques for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs Jean-Philippe Richard
9:45a-10:30a Valid inequalities for MIPs and group polyhedra from approximate liftings Lisa Miller
10:30a-11:15a On connections between mixed-integer rounding and superadditive lifting Alper Atamturk
11:15a-11:30a Conference Wrap and Last Chances