Welcome to my research home page. Perhaps you’re looking for one of these:

If not, then maybe you’d like a description of my research. My research focuses mainly on various aspects of mixed-integer linear programming. I try to maintain a balance between theory, computation, and application, with an aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice. Specific areas that I am currently working on are listed below.

  • Theory and Methodology
    • Branch, cut, and price algorithms
      • Integrated decomposition methods
      • Generalized branching methods
    • Parallel tree search
    • Dual methods for mixed integer linear programming
      • Duality and the value function
      • Warm starting
      • Sensitivity analysis
    • Bilevel integer programming
    • Multicriteria integer programming
  • Software Development
    • COIN-OR: A repository of open source software for operations research
    • SYMPHONY (Download): A framework for solving mixed integer linear programs
    • CHiPPS (Download): A framework for implementing parallel tree search algorithms
      • ALPS
      • BiCePS
      • BLIS
    • DIP (Download): A framework for implementing decomposition-based algorithms for mixed integer linear programs
    • MibS: A solver for mixed integer bilevel linear programs
    • CoinBinary (Download): A project for producing binaries from code in the COIN-OR repository
    • CoinAll (Download): An umbrella project for building many of the COIN-OR codes
    • COIN-OR Build Tools (Download): A project providing the infrastructure for building and testing COIN projects
    • Open Solver Interface (Download): A uniform interface for accessing linear solvers
  • Applications
    • Network Routing
      • Vehicle Routing
      • Arc Routing (Postman Problems)
      • Integrated Location and Routing
    • Combinatorial Auctions
    • Interdiction Problems

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