Research and Papers

Research Interests:  

Continuous Optimization, (Fair) Machine Learning,  Stochastic Optimization,  Multi-Objective Optimization. 

Submitted & Published papers: 

  1. S. Liu and L. N. Vicente (2022). Convergence rates of the stochastic alternating algorithm for bi-objective optimization. (submitted)
  2. S. Liu and L. N. Vicente (2021). The Sharpe predictor for fairness in machine learning. (pre-print)
  3. S. Liu and L. N. Vicente. (2022). A stochastic alternating balance k-means algorithm for fair clustering. to appear in Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. S. Liu and L. N. Vicente. (2022). Accuracy and fairness trade-offs in machine learning: A stochastic multi-objective approach. to appear in Computational Management Science.
  5. S. Liu and L. N. Vicente. (2021). The stochastic multi-gradient algorithm for multi-objective optimization and its application to supervised machine learning. Annals of Operations Research.

Other Projects: