Welcome to Secil Sozuer’s website.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University

My work focuses on the applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

I work with Dr. Robert Storer  and Dr. Miao Bai on dynamic appointment scheduling and simulation based optimization. I work on distributionally robust optimization with Dr. Karmel Shehadeh.

Research Interests: Healthcare Optimization, Supervised Machine Learning, Nonlinear Optimization, Scheduling and Heuristic Algorithm Development

Previously, I worked at both Geisinger Health Center and Sanofi Pasteur, where I had diverse roles:

At Geisinger Health Center, I was involved in Healthcare Reengineering, focusing on process optimization and improvement.

At Sanofi Pasteur, my work centered around Vaccine Epidemiology & Modeling, contributing to the development of effective vaccine strategies. I worked in Manufacturing Excellence, where I contributed to improving manufacturing processes and operations by building and maintaining robust data infrastructure.