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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Theory won the 2012 IIE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award.

Editorial Reviews

From review in Blog Business World, January 8, 2012:

For me, the power of the book is how Lawrence V. Snyder and Zuo-Jun Max Shen recognize that a complete understanding of modern and classical supply chain theory requires a mathematical background.

With a solid level of mathematical maturity, concepts and models will be understandable and supportive for the student or practitioner. The book contains the essential formulas,and is presented in a step by step format that guides the student and other professionals toward a complete understanding of the subject material. The core of the book is the inventory-theoretical material. Extensive and easy to use appendices offer additional models, formulas, and basics of advanced mathematics. A useful set of homework problems follow each chapter, with additional problems available in the appendices.

I highly recommend the landmark and mathematics based book Fundamentals of Supply Chain Theory by Lawrence V. Snyder, Ph.D., and Zuo-Jun Max Shen,Ph.D., to anyone with an interest in a solid mathematical approach to supply chain management. These readers include students, graduate students, faculty, researchers, business leaders, managers, engineers, and practitioners of supply chain management. This book will provide a very strong mathematical basis for all decision making, through all phases of a supply chain, in any industry.

From review in Inbound Logistics’  Winter Reading Guide 2013, January, 2013:

Here’s a book that bridges the gap between real-world supply chain practice and classroom supply chain theory. Authors Snyder and Shen present the foundations of supply chain theory, and demonstrate how recent developments build upon classic theoretical models. Workbook-style problems at the end of each chapter challenge readers to understand, interpret, and extend the models and algorithms discussed. While geared toward students of supply-chain management at the graduate level, this book is also an authoritative reference for academics and pracitioners working in the areas of operations research, business, management science, and industrial engineering.

Key Takeaways: Readers will gain a thorough understanding of centralized and decentralized mathematical supply chain models and boost their knowledge of supply chain theories.

Customer Reviews from

[5 stars] Highly informative book, especially for supply chain professionals. The content is very well written. Each theorem is explained in detailed with supporting examples, that provides the reader a good understanding of the topic, especially Multi-echelon inventory modelling. Overall a very nice book which is easy to understand.

[5 stars] This is a great book. Perfect for advanced MBA/ intorductory PH.D course. Succinct but does not skip steps. Good exercises and excellent inclusion of nontraditional topics like discrete choice.

[5 stars] This book depicts the core theories indispensable to understand the SC management. I would definitely recommend it to any one who really want to have a deeper insight in the basis of all the formulas we use to make SC decision.

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