I have designed this webpage to provide succinct and useful information to the students in the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) and Management Sciences and Engineering (MGSE) masters programs in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University.  The following disclaimer applies.

Disclaimer: If information on this page conflicts with Lehigh University’s official webpages, please follow Lehigh’s rules and advice.

Registering for Classes (Including Adding/Dropping Classes)

A great resource is Lehigh’s Registration FAQ’s page.  Below I discuss and clarify a few specific aspects.

  • You should complete your course planning as early as possible, and at least one week before registration opens.
  • A hold on your account will prevent you from being allowed to register.  To see if you have any holds, follow these instructions.
  • If you have questions about courses to take or program requirements, or just want advice, please schedule an appointment with me. 
  • To register for classes you require an alternate PIN, which you obtain by emailing our graduate coordinator Joyce Gabay and asking her for it!
  • If an override is needed to register for a course, fill out our ISE override request form, which has been created by our graduate coordinator Joyce Gabay.
Adding/Dropping Classes

This topic often confuses students.  A great source of information is here, and here are a a few tips.

  • Up until the 5th day of the term.  Students can add or drop a course through Banner Self-Service.
  • From the 6th through the 10th day of the term.  Students need instructor permission to add or drop a course. In this case, the instructor or designated department official must issue you an override in order for you to add/drop a course during this time period.
  • After the 10th day of the term.  Students may drop a course (and receive a “W” for the course) by completing the Course Withdrawl Form (see below).   Students can add a course by requesting an override (see above) but a late fee will apply.  If there is a “valid” reason that caused you to add the course late, then you can petition for the late fee to be waived/reimbursed by completing a Petition Form (see below).

For the specific dates for a given academic term, check the deadlines.

Administrative Forms

Most of the administrative forms you will need for our program are available here.  Below I give some helpful advice on several of the more commonly used forms.

IMPORTANT: When filling out any of these forms, you must use un-aliased email address (e.g., mine starts with dpr219), or else they will not work!

  • Graduate Curriculum Change Request Form: Fill the form out and then send it to the graduate coordinator Joyce Gabay.
  • Full-Time Certification Form: This form will automatically be directed to the correct people for signing (go here for details). Register before submitting this file.
  • Petition Form: Fill this form out and then send it to the graduate coordinator Joyce Gabay.
  • Add/Drop Form: This form is no longer used.  To add or drop a course, see section “Adding/Dropping Classes” above.
  • Course Withdrawal Form: This form is straight forward to fill out online, and will automatically be directed to the correct people for signing.

Planning to Graduate Soon?

There are two key administrative things that you must do that I summarize below (for full details, go here).

  1. Apply to graduate before the deadline by following the directions under “Application for degree” at this website.
  2. Complete the following (you may need to fill out both if you are graduating with a masters and a certificate):
    • (If applying for a masters.) Complete the Master’s Program Form.  At least fifteen (15) credits of coursework must be completed before submitting this form for approval. IMPORTANT: When filling out this form, you must use un-aliased email addresses (e.g., mine starts with dpr219), or else they will not work!
    • (If applying for a certificate.) Complete the Certificate Program Form


Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) are both available while in our program.  Here are two important pieces of information.

  • Any detailed questions should be directed to Olga Scarpero in the Office of International Students and Scholars.
  • For CPT, you should also schedule a meeting with me as early as possible.  Your CPT is usually associated with a course at Lehigh.