Off Topic

Who am I?

I’m a researcher, a foodie and a fashionista. This is me out of my office:

My Favorite Sports Lately:

I’m learning skateboard recently–an amazing game to relax my back after one day in the office. There are many great state parks in Bethlehem, with perfect skate trails.

My Polymer Clay Project Lately:

I’ve been indulged in making polymer clay mini sculptures for some time. Made two little minions magnets after seeing Despicable Me 3 last month.

My Painting Project Lately:

When I feel stressful or anxious, I paint. It has been a habit since I am a child. This is a picture of a small town in China.

My Cooking Project Lately:

I would bake cakes for my friends’ birthdays. The latest one is a three layer coffee chiffon cake with mocha flavored whipped cream and chocolate chips on top.

My Favorite Book Lately:

I have been reading “The Most Human Human” by Brian Christian recently. This is a book I would recommend to people¬†who are interested in artificial intelligence. The author starts the story of competing computers by asking a simple question, and successfully stimulates our curiosity for finding the answer to it.