COR@L Seminar Series 2008-09


Coral Seminar Series is a series of weekly seminars focussing on Optimization. This semester, the seminars will be held every Thursday 12:00-1:00 pm in room Mo355. Anyone interested in a particular seminar or mathematical programming and optimization in general is welcome. Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch. Important announcements and discussions about the seminar are made on the seminar mailing list, which is open to everyone for subscription. If you wish to contribute a talk on your own research in optimization send an email with a short description of your topic to Julio Góez and/or Ashutosh Mahajan. The schedule is available at this google-calendars page.

Fall 2008 Presentations

Following is a list of presentations done during the fall semester, 2008, along with the slides and suggested readings.

Date:Thursday, November 20
Speaker: Gaurav Gulati
Topic:Heuristi Methods for Solving MIPs [Not Available]

Date:Thursday, November 13
Speaker: Scott Denegre
Topic:Mixed Integer Bilevel Linear Programming, a Branch-and-Bound Algorithm [Not Available]

Date:Thursday, October 2
Speaker: Udom Janjarassuk
Topic:Enhancing Computational Techniques for Stochastic Linear Programs [PDF]


Ashutosh Mahajan

Date:Thursday, September 25
Speaker: Ashutosh Mahajan
Topic:Branching on general disjunctions: Complexity and Computational Experiments [PDF]

Date:Thursday, September 18
Speaker:Camilo Mancilla
Topic:Network Simplex-like Algorithms for Stochastic Appointment Scheduling [Not Available]
Topic:Stochastic Sequencing [Not Available]

Date:Thursday, September 11
Speaker:Pietro Belotti
Topic:Mixed-Integer Nonconvex problems: an MILP perspective [PDF]
P. Belotti, J. Lee, L. Liberti, F. Margot, A. Wachter, Branching and bounds tightening techniques for non-convex MINLP, opt-online (Sep. 2008). [PDF]

Date:Thursday, September 04
Speaker:Imre Pólik
Topic: Research overview [PDF]

Last Updated: October 3, 2008