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-====== Welcome to Lehigh University INFORMS Student Chapter / Optimization Wiki! ====== +~~NOTOC~~
-{{ :​wiki:​picture31_3_.png?​nolink&​200|}}This wiki is prepared by the Lehigh University INFORMS Student Chapter members to provide information about Operations Research methods and their practical usage by using computational software in [[coral_lab|Lehigh COR@L lab]].+
-Please feel free to register and improve existing resources in this website.+====== Homepage ======
 +{{ :​wiki:​imageedit_1_3711532950.png?​nolink&​500 |}}
 +{{ :​wiki:​logo1_1_.png?​nolink&​250|}}
 +===== Welcome to ISE / COR@L Lab Wiki! =====
 +Lehigh ISE/COR@L Wiki is a collection of information about Operations Research and computational resources in [[coral_lab|ISE COR@L lab]]. ​ This wiki is created by [[https://​​~informs/​|Lehigh University INFORMS Student Chapter]] in 2014 and since maintained by the chapter officers and COR@L admins.
 +Please feel free to register and improve existing resources on this website.
 +===== How to start? =====
 +If you want to contribute to the wiki, register by following [[https://​​wiki/​doku.php/​start?​do=register|this link]]. ​
 +**Note that** your membership should be approved by one of the [[about#​support|wiki admins]]. You will get an e-mail when your membership is approved.
 +Some initial resources to start:
 +  * [[about|About Lehigh ISE / COR@L Lab Wiki]]
 +  * [[http://​​tutorial/​what_is_a_wiki|DokuWiki Tutorial]]
 +  * [[wiki:​syntax|Syntax]]
 +  * [[tutorial:​torque|Torque]]
 +  * [[info:​coral|COR@L and COR@L Resources]]
 +  * [[sol|Sol]]  ​
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