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 IBM CPLEX is an optimization package offered by IBM Software. IBM CPLEX is an optimization package offered by IBM Software.
-===== C++ API ===== +FIXME I'm not sure if we need a separate page for every solver. Admins ​can put answers to frequently asked questions here if they want ​--- ​//[[|Sertalp B Cay]] 2016/12/13 10:34//
- +
-==== Saving Models ==== +
-CPLEX can save the model by using the CPLEX environment as follows: +
-<code cpp save.cpp> +
-baseModel = new IloModel(env);​ +
-IloCplex cplex(*baseModel);​ +
-// Stuff +
-cplex.exportModel("​prob.mps"​);​ +
-</code> +
-Based on the extension, CPLEX can also save with ''​.lp''​ and ''​.sav''​ format.+
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