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-====== LaTeX Resources ​======+====== LaTeX Templates ​======
-<​html>​+LaTeX templates for documents that doctoral students need to prepare are provided in github repositories.
- <​p><​b>​This page is under construction.</​b></​p>​ +**Document templates:** 
-<​p>​This page contains instructions for installing and using the typesetting system LaTeX. ​ We also include instructions for installing Beamer, a LaTeX class for creating presentations.</​p>​ +  * [[​Dissertation|Dissertation]] 
-<​p>​Instructions for installing LaTeX and Beamer:</​p>​ + 
-<​ul>​ +Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions about these resources to [[|Frank E. Curtis]]
-<​li>​Linux (coming soon)</​li>​ +
-<​li>​Windows (coming soon)</​li>​ +
-<​li>​Mac OS X (coming soon)</​li>​ +
-</​ul>​ +
-<p>We provide templates for various types of LaTeX documents below. ​ These templates make use of style files that are intended to contain definitions of commands and objects that you use often. ​ It is assumed that you are compiling with pdflatex.</​p>​ +
-<p>Document templates:</p> +
-<​ul>​ +
-<​li><​a href="​​latex/​">​Dissertation</​a></​li>​ +
-<​li><​a href="​http://​​~frankecurtis/​wp-content/​latex/​">​Paper</​a></​li>​ +
-</ul> +
-<p>Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions about these resources to <a href="">Frank E. Curtis.</​a></​p>​ +
-  +
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