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-====== PhD Seminars ====== 
-PhD Seminars are weekly talks about PhD research in the department. 
-===== Format ===== 
-Regular time for a PhD Seminar talk is around 20-25 minutes with 5 minutes left for questions at the end. Speakers may use both time slots and make a 1-hour presentation. 
-===== Signing Up ===== 
-Seminar slots are offered to PhD students at the beginning of the fall semester. We use an [[|appointment system]] to schedule talks. **Since we want to spread talks as much as possible, a different seminar date can be assigned to you.** 
-===== Calendar ===== 
-{{ :2014-08-28_12.42.19.png?nolink&150| Smartphone app calendar}} 
-You can find the [[|assigned talk schedule]] at our website. Same information is also available to [[lehigh_informs_app|smartphone app users]]. 
-===== Notes ===== 
-==== 2015-2016 Season ==== 
-As of Fall 2015 semester, talks are scheduled on Tuesdays 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. 
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