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 ====== Lehigh INFORMS Smartphone App ====== ====== Lehigh INFORMS Smartphone App ======
-Lehigh INFORMS Student chapter has a smartphone app! This app basically a mobile ​web-site that is optimized ​for small screen devices.+Lehigh INFORMS Student chapter has a [[http://​​wiki/​webapp/​|web application]] ​for smartphone users! ​
 ===== Android ===== ===== Android =====
-We have Lehigh INFORMS App available in the Google Play store. Android users can download app to their mobile device. It supports Android-powered both smartphones and tablets.+We have an [[http://​​wiki/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php/​lehighinforms.1.2.1.apk|apk version of the web-app]]. Android users can download app to their mobile device.
-==== iOS/iPhone ==== +{{:​2014-08-28_12.42.19.png?​nolink&​150 |}} {{:​2014-08-28_12.55.19.png?​nolink&​150 |}}  
-Since publishing an app to Apple Market needs some investment, we suggest ​iPhone users to create a bookmark to our mobile webpage. ​It is the exact same website that Android app opensYou can find the directions [[http://​​~informs/lehigh-informs-mobile-app-installation/|here]].+ 
 +===== iOS/​iPhone ​===== 
 +iPhone users can create a bookmark to our [[http://​​wiki/​webapp/​|mobile webpage]]. 
 +Follow ​the steps to create a shortcut to your home screen: 
 +  - Go to http://​​wiki/​webapp/​ on your Safari Browser 
 +  - Click the middle button at the bottom of the browser and your menu will popup \\ {{http://​​informs/​files/​2014/​05/​revert-your-ios-7-app-icons-back-ios-6-designs.w654-200x300.jpg}} 
 +  - After your menu appears, click on “Add to Home Screen” button, which has a Plus symbol in it. \\ {{​informs/​files/​2014/​05/​revert-your-ios-7-app-icons-back-ios-6-designs.w654-1-200x300.jpg}} 
 +  - Follow the instructions and save!
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