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 +\usepackage{algorithm} % for algorithm environment
 +\usepackage{algpseudocode} % for algorithmic environment
 +   ​%\usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx} for pdflatex
 +   ​%\usepackage{graphicx} for latex
 +% for tiles and keywords
 +\algdef{SE}[DOWHILE]{Do}{doWhile}{\algorithmicdo}[1]{\algorithmicwhile\ #1}
 +% todo(aykut) this will create a problem with \P command of complexity package.
 +\ifthenelse{\coralreport = 1}{
 +% The report number is the same one used in the ISE tech report series
 +% This is the revision number (increment for each revision)
 +% This is the date f the original report
 +\def\originaldate{March 13, 2015}
 +% This is the date of the latest revision
 +\def\revisiondate{March 13, 2015}
 +% Set these variables according to whether this should be a CORAL or CVCR
 +% report
 +\title{On the Complexity of Inverse MILP}
 +\ifthenelse{\coralreport = 1}{
 +  \author{Aykut Bulut\thanks{E-mail:​ \texttt{}}}
 +  \author{Ted K. Ralphs\thanks{E-mail:​ \texttt{}}}
 +  \affil{Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,​ Lehigh University, USA}
 +  \titlepage
 +  \author{Aykut Bulut}
 +  \author{Ted K. Ralphs}
 +  \affil{COR@L Lab, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,​ Lehigh University, USA}
 +  \date{\today}
 +Inverse optimization problems determine problem parameters that are closest to
 +the estimates and will make a given solution optimum. In this study we work
 +inverse \textbf{m}ixed \textbf{i}nteger \textbf{l}inear \textbf{p}roblems (MILP)
 +where we seek the objective function coefficients. This is the inverse problem
 +\cite{AhujaSeptember2001} studied for linear programs (LP). They
 +show that inverse LP can be solved in polynomial time under mild conditions. We
 +extend their result for the MILP case. We prove that the decision version of
 +the inverse MILP is $\coNP$--complete. We also propose a cutting plane algorithm for
 +solving inverse MILPs for practical purposes.
 +\ifthenelse{\coralreport = 0}{
 +{\bf Keywords:} Inverse optimization,​ mixed integer linear program,
 +computational complexity, polynomial hierarchy
 +Optimization problems arise in many fields ...
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