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 ======CONDOR====== ======CONDOR======
 +<note warning>This page is about our retired job scheduling system **CONDOR**. Check [[tutorial:torque|Torque]] to schedule jobs in Polyps.</note>
 ===== What is CONDOR ===== ===== What is CONDOR =====
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 ===== Some other CONDOR commands ===== ===== Some other CONDOR commands =====
-^ Command ^ Action ^+^ Command ^ Action ^ Info ^
 | ''condor_userprio'' | shows the user priority | condor_userprio | | ''condor_userprio'' | shows the user priority | condor_userprio |
 | ''condor_status'' | show the current status of CONDOR nodes | | ''condor_status'' | show the current status of CONDOR nodes |
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 ''concurrency_limits = AMPL'' ''concurrency_limits = AMPL''
 +===== Condor Jobs Memory Usage =====
 +Please check status of your condor jobs regularly, especially memory usage.
 +Each polyp node has 16 processors and 32 GB memory. This means 1 process
 +gets 2 GB memory in average.
 +When a polyp node is out of memory it starts using hard drive (swap) as memory
 +but reading and writing from hard drives is 1000 times slower. This means
 +if your jobs are using large amounts of memory and the polyp node processing
 +your job is out of memory, do not expect your job to terminate.
 +You can see memory usage of your job using ''condor_q'' command (7th column
 +gives memory usage in MB).
 +You can check the node your job is running using ''condor_q -run''
 +You can check memory status in a node using ''ssh polyp6 "vmstat -s"''.
 +For more memory checking commands see
 +or google is your friend.
 +**Your job might get killed if it is using swap. Do not waste your
 +system administrators' time with this and force them to police the condor jobs.
 +Just control your jobs and submit jobs that are reasonable.**
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