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Welcome to COR@L Lab Ticketing System

Welcome to COR@L Admin trac page! Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system. You can find more about it at Trac main page. We will use this Trac page to keep track of COR@L Lab Admin tasks. As a user you can create a request (for example, install solver X or Matlab fails, etc.) from this system. For this kind of requests you need to create a ticket. See Creating Request Tickets section. But first check Activating your account section to activate your account.

Activating your account

Dear COR@L Lab user, you already have an account in the system. You just do not know your password. To get a new password you can go to reset password page. Enter your COR@L Lab user name and Lehigh e-mail (with your user id, not alias, i.e., aaa111@…). A new password will be sent to you. Log in with the password sent. You will be redirected to page to update your password. Update your password. You need to also verify your e-mail address. For this a verification token will be sent to you and you should enter this token to the system (by clicking the verify e-mail link that appears in the highlighted information pop-up).

You can change the password given to you by the system by going to preferences page account tab.

Creating Request Tickets

If you have a request related to COR@L Lab administration first search if there is already a related ticket. If there are no related tickets you can create a new ticket for your request.

COR@L Lab Admins

Suresh Bolusani (sub214@…)
Aykut Bulut (aykut@…)
Ali Mohammad Nezhad (alm413@…)

COR@L Lab Advising Professors

Ted Ralphs (ted@…)
Martin Takac (mat614@…)

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