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Shark License Server


Purpose: Shark is the Department license server for the AMPL Solver

Location: Room 142

Model: Dell Optiplex 980

Serial Number: FHFHGQ1

Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS Trusty Tahr

License Server Application Architecture - 32 Bit / i686

License Server information

The license file is tied to a specific IP address. For the license server to start, the host must resolve to this IP Address. You do not need a virtual interface with the IP address or a specific MAC address for the license server to start.

We only have 32 bit ILMD binaries so the OS must provide 32 bit libraries and be able to support 32 bit applications.

Important file locations

/usr/local/ilm-2.7 - directory containing the files
/usr/local/ilm - soft link to the ilm-2.7 directory
/usr/ilog - soft link to /usr/local/
/usr/tmp - during start up the ilmd start up script in /usr/ilog/ilm copies the daemon to this directory and starts the daemon from this location.

Important files

/usr/ilog/ilm/access.ilm - License file

/usr/ilog/ilm/ihostid - Generates the host ID information from computer configuration.

Good Output

                The hostname of this machine is    shark 
		The hostid of this machine is      80b423eb-linux
		The checksum of this hostid is     32865 

80b423eb is HEX for

/usr/ilog/ilm/ilmcheck - verifies the license file is sane.

/usr/ilog/ilm/ilmlist - connects to the license server to list available licenses.

NOTE: This resolves the hostname to an IP and lists the available licenses. If the hostname resolves to the license IP via the hosts file, you will not receive a positive result. Use wrapper script described below.

/usr/ilog/ilm/ilmd - The script that starts the daemon.

Wrapper Scripts

/etc/init.d/ilmd - Init script used to start the ilmd daemon

  • Checks to see if daemon is running.
  • Verifies the hosts file has the correct IP necessary to start the daemon. If the entry is not there it provides the correct host file entry (must be the first IP to resolve the name shark) and runs the ilmcheck command to provide the output to check the IP information on the system.
  • Verifies the /usr/tmp directory exists.
  • Cleans up the pid file in case of unclean shutdown.
  • Starts the license daemon.
  • Stops the license daemon.
  • Restarts the license daemon.
  • Checks the license daemon using the ilmcheck-wrapper script.

/usr/ilog/ilm/ - wrapper script that manipulates the hosts file so the ilmlist command will work. It restores the hosts file so the daemon will start should the server shutdown uncleanly.

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