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Matthew Galati
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Harold S. Mohler Laboratory, Room 476
Lehigh University, 200 W. Packer Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18015-1582
Phone: (610) 758-4042
Fax: (610) 758-4886
Email: magh@lehigh.edu

****** This page is out of date... I am at SAS now - more to come soon. ******

Research Interests

Large-scale discrete-optimization; mathematical programming and polyhedral theory; decomposition methods for integer programming; optimization software development. Application areas include logistics, inventory management and financial portfolio optimization.

Curriculum Vitae pdf   (Updated: Sep 2007)
Publications and Presentations
http://coral.ie.lehigh.edu/~magh/presentations.html  (Out of Date)
Optimization Seminar Series http://coral.ie.lehigh.edu/ipseminar/
COIN-or Tutorial http://coral.ie.lehigh.edu/coin/
Business Game http://coral.ie.lehigh.edu/bgame/

Mathematical Programming / Optimization Software
Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research
C++ Boost http://www.boost.org/

Professional Societies
Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) http://www.informs.org
INFORMS Computing Society http://computing.society.informs.org
INFORMS Optimization Section http://optimization.section.informs.org
Mathematical Programming Society http://www.mathprog.org
International Federation of Operational Research Societies http://www.ifors.org

Lehigh Registrar http://www.lehigh.edu/~inrgs/index.htm

Software / Coding
Apache Project http://www.apache.org/
Redhat Linux http://www.redhat.com
2600 - The Hacker Quarterly http://www.2600.org/

Yahoo Finance http://quote.yahoo.com
ETrade http://www.etrade.com

more to come....
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