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UFL - Branch and Cut
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Last Updated : February 19, 2005

COmputational IN frastructure for
Operations Research

- open source for the operations research community -


The purpose of this webpage is to help give examples of using several different modules of COIN-or software. Contributions to this effort might include a code segment followed by an explanation of usage. Contributions are greatly appreciated and can be submitted here.


COmputational INfrastructure for Operations Research
Integer Programming
Integer Programming Paper List IP Papers
COIN Documentation
Coin UtilitiesCoin-Doxygen
Open Solver InterfaceOSI-Doxygen
Cut Generation LibraryCGL-Doxygen
Coin LP SolverCLP-Doxygen
Simple Branch and BoundSBB-Doxygen
Branch Cut and PriceBCP-Doxygen     Manual     Workshop'03
Lehigh University
Optimization Seminar Series ipseminar
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