I have gained vast teaching experience during my Ph.D. at Lehigh University and my Masters at IIT Bombay. I have been a primary instructor, a guest speaker, and a teaching assistant for numerous courses spanning modeling and solution of optimization problems, theoretical and computational optimizations, machine learning, and massive data mining. The following is a quick snapshot of my experience. Detailed course syllabi are available on this Lehigh webpage and this IIT Bombay webpage.

ISE Department, Lehigh University

Adjunct Lecturer

  • ISE 426 – Optimization Models and Applications

Teaching Assistant

  • ISE 467/367 – Mining of Massive Datasets
  • ISE 406 – Introduction to Mathematical Optimization
  • ISE 372 – Systems Engineering Design
  • ISE 324 – Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • ISE 224 – Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • ISE 172 – Algorithms in Systems Engineering

Guest Speaker for Various Course Lectures

  • Generalized Benders’ Decomposition framework
  • The Hungarian Method for solving assignment problems
  • Apache Spark SQL and DataFrames
  • Installation and usage of SYMPHONY solver for batch experimentation
  • Setup and usage of AMPL with various optimization solvers
  • Pygame Python package
  • Introduction to the COR@L Lab

IEOR, IIT Bombay

Teaching Assistant

  • ISE 507 – Modeling and Computation Lab