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Important Dates

This year the annual MOPTA conference will be combined with an NSF-TRIPODS sponsored three day summer school for doctoral students and the NSF-DIMACS sponsored workshop on Optimization in Machine Learning which is a part of the DIMACS/Simons Collaboration on Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization.
The summer school will be held during the three days preceding the conference and is designed for doctoral students interested in improving their theoretical and practical skills related to optimization approaches in machine learning. The DIMACS sponsored workshop will bring together invited lectures by top experts in the field as well as contributed poster presentations.
The MOPTA part of the conference this year will include a variety on exciting new developments from different optimization areas with a special focus on applications in energy. It will aim to bring together researchers from both theoretical and applied communities who do not usually have the chance to interact in the framework of a medium-scale event.
The conference schedule and the mountain-top location are aimed to enhance interaction among the participants during breaks, catered lunches, a poster session with a cocktail reception and the conference banquet.

DIMACS/TRIPODS/MOPTA plenary speaker


DIMACS/TRIPODS plenary speakers

Confirmed DIMACS/TRIPODS speakers:
  • Amir Ali Ahmadi (Princeton)
  • Jake Abernethy (Georgia Tech)
  • Alexandr Andoni (Columbia)
  • Mikhail Belkin (OSU)
  • Coralia Cartis (Oxford)
  • Frank Curtis (Lehigh)
  • Damek Davis (Cornell)
  • Daniel Hsu (Columbia)
  • Stefanie Jegelka (MIT)
  • Satyen Kale (Google)
  • Simon Lacoste-Julien (U. of Montreal)
  • John Langford (MSR New York)
  • Michael Mahoney (Berkeley)
  • Hossein Mobahi (Google)
  • Aryan Mokhtari (MIT)
  • Francesco Orabona (SUNY Stony Brook/Boston University)
  • Courtney Paquette (Lehigh)
  • Peter Richtarik (The University of Edinburgh/KAUST)
  • Daniel P. Robinson (Johns Hopkins)
  • Katya Scheinberg (Lehigh)
  • Mark Schmidt (University of British Columbia)
  • Karthik Sridharan (Cornell)
  • Yaron Singer (Harvard)
  • Ameet Talwalkar (CMU)
  • Martin Takac (Lehigh)
  • Panos Toulis (University of Chicago)
  • Rene Vidal (Johns Hopkins)
  • John Wright (Columbia)
  • Yiming Ying (Albany)