I joined IBM Business Re-engineering department as an Operations Research – Scientist Developer in 2013 after serving a one-year contract of developing IBM after-market maintenance service forecast application. In 2016, I joined the Global Service Parts Operations team of IBM Technology Support Service Division and maintained the same job role.

Serving one of the greatest companies as a OR developer means I am called to solve challenging tasks the corporate is encountering on a daily basis. And, my team happen to be the one who is dedicated to resolving problems coming from one of the most uncertain and complex IBM business territories – global after-sale maintenance service.

Inventory, logistics, warehousing, distribution, human resources, contract pricing, revenue management and so on (You Name It!) involved in after-market service planing are all factors I have been dealing with in order to realize a GLOBAL OPTIMAL service network for IBM.

Since 2014 when IBM announced its new global strategy as a cognitive service company, I have been participating in the strategic transition to re-define the aftermarket service optimization and embrace technologies and science powered by machine learning. The future of IBM relies on Cognitive Computing, and the core of cognitive computing is machine learning.