Awards and Recognitions

  • Canada Research Chair in Optimization, 2002 –
  • INFORMS Optimization Section, Vice-chair, Linear Programming and Complementarity, 2001 –
  • Member of Nicholson Prize Committee, INFORMS, 2001 – 2002
  • Member of Evaluation Panel of Mathematics in Portugal, 2002
  • Chairman of EUROPT, The Continuous Optimization Working Group of EURO, 2000 –
  • Guest professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, October 1, 1999 — April 1, 2000 (finally not taken).
  • Semiplenary speaker at EURO-XVII, Budapest, July 16–19, 2000. Simplex versus interior point methods: Pros and Cons.
  • Semiplenary speaker at EURO-XVI, Brussels, July 12–15, 1998. An Easy way to teach interior point methods.
  • Plenary speaker at APMOD-98, Nycosia, Cyprus, 11–13 March, 1998. An easy way to teach interior point methods.
  • Plenary speaker at MOK-97, Pécs, Hungary, 16-18 October, 1997. Interior Point Methods in Optimization — in memoriam for Gy. Sonnevend.
  • Semi-plenary (featured talk) speaker on the International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, Lausanne, Switzerland, August 25–28, 1997. Title: The Criss-Cross Method: A Fresh View at Pivot Methods (joint paper in the conference volume with K. Fukuda).
  • Obermann Fellowship, Center of Advanced Studies, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, (1994 — two weeks).
  • The paper is selected as “The best OR paper of the year 1992” by The Operations Research Society of Japan: Linear Complementarity and Oriented Matroids, (1992) Japanese Journal of Operations Research 35. 45–61. (Together with K. Fukuda).
  • Gy. Farkas Prize, J. Bolyai Math. Society, Budapest, Hungary, 1984.

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