My Erdős-Bacon Number

An author’s Erdős number is the minimum number of degrees of separation between the author and Paul Erdős, as measured by collaborative publications.  My Erdős number is 4:

  1. Snyder, L. V., Scaparra, M. P., Daskin, M. S., and R. L. Church. Planning for disruptions in supply chain networks. In “TutORials in Operations Research,” Johnson, M. P., B. Norman, and N. Secomandi (eds.), Chap. 9, Baltimore: INFORMS, 234-257, 2006.
  2. Church, R. L. and R. S. Garfinkel. Locating an obnoxious facility on a network. Transportation Science 12(2), 107-118, 1978.
  3. Garfinkel, R. S. and S. M. Selkow. On some conjectures of Gould on the parities of the binomial coefficients. Fibonacci Quarterly 19(1), 61-68, 1981.
  4. Babai, L., P. Erdős, and S. M. Selkow. Random graph isomorphism. SIAM Journal on Computing 9(3), 628-63, 1980.

An actor’s Bacon number is the minimum number of degrees of separation between the actor and Kevin Bacon, as measured by joint screen appearances.  I am not an actor.  But if you are willing to count high school plays (which I admit is a stretch), then my Bacon number is 3:

  1. I was in various high school plays with Brad Raider.
  2. Brad Raider was in “Locker 13” with Steve Eastin.
  3. Steve Eastin was in “Rails & Ties” with Kevin Bacon.

One’s Erdős-Bacon number is the sum of one’s Erdős number and one’s Bacon number.  Therefore, my Erdős-Bacon number is 7.


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