My advisor is Ted Ralphs. Currently I am working on discrete second order conic optimization, more on that will appear soon. I also worked on inverse optimization. Following is the related ISE Technical Report.

Following is a list of presentations related to my work on inverse optimization.

The following is the list of presentations related to GiMPy and GrUMPy.

  • T. Ralphs, A. Bulut, Michael O’Sullivan, Osman Ozaltin, GIMPy and GrUMPy: Visualization for Optimization in Python, INFORMS Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ, October 2012.
  • T. Ralphs, A. Bulut, B. Hunsaker, M. O’Sullivan, O. Ozaltin GiMPy and GrUMPy: Visualization for Optimization in Python, INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 2013.

I worked on Sparse Inverse Covariance Selection problem as my Optimization Methods in Machine Learning class project with Murat Mut. We implemented a portion of algorithm proposed by Scheinberg and Rish in parallel. Here is our report.

I worked on Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problems on my qualifier. I developed a solver for the problem using Pulp. Here is my report and you can find solver on software section.

I have completed my M.S. thesis titled “Order Driven Flexible Shop Management”. It is about management of make to order production systems. You can get it from here.